Bill Payments

PayatShop provides businesses the easiest way to get paid in cash.
Simply add the PayatShop barcode to an invoice and get notified in
real time when a payment is made at one of our national retailers.

Money Transfer

Users can intiate an international and domestic money transfer with a PayatShop barcode to fund it with cash.

GPR Reloads

GPR providers can leverage PayatShop to enable consumers to load
funds onto their GPR cards. In fact, PayatShop's one-time use barcodes,
which can be linked to a customer's location and has a set expiration
time, eliminates the risk of fraud.

Mobile Wallet Cash Loads

PayatShop barcodes connect your wallet application to the POS of some of the largest retailers. It offers your account holders a convenient way to fund their accounts with cash.

Kiosk POS Connector

Anticipating the needs of the ever-changing retail landscape,
Cashtie enables transactions staged at a kiosk connecting kiosks
to the cash register of major retailers.

Digital Content

Enable online to offline commerce with PayatShop's mobile application framework and use PayatShop barcodes to sell your digital products and content at local and national retailers paid for at the POS.

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